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Adoption Evaluation

Welcome to the Child Adoption Evaluation Center at Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York. Our Adoption Evaluation Center offers comprehensive counseling to parents who are considering adoption services and to parents who have already adopted a child. 

We help parents understand the medical, developmental and emotional needs of an adopted child. We're committed to helping families be fully prepared for--and completely successful with the developmental needs of an adopted child.

No child comes with a set of instructions, and the adopted child is no different. If your child has already arrived, we have counseling available that can be individually developed to show you how to meet your new family member's specific needs. Each child is different and each has different medical needs.

Adoption Counseling Services
Our knowledgeable Child Adoption Counseling staff will evaluate your child for various developmental concerns, such as learning disorders, developmental delays, cognitive delays, emotional development delays, and many other areas of a child’s development.
After the initial evaluation, the doctors can help you set up the proper treatment and other assistance you may need to be able to give the child the best care possible. This can include medications, therapy, counseling, and other treatments.

Since services are individualized for each child and family, you can be sure that care has been taken in the diagnosis process and the development and initialization of the care plan. Armed with the proper parenting tools, medical advice, and lots and lots of love, we know you will fulfill every hope and happiness within your new family structure.

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