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Pediatric Specialty Center at Hewlett

Cohen Children's Medical Center in Hewlett

Located at:

Pediatric Specialty Care Center at Hewlett
1800 Rockaway Avenue
Hewlett, New York 11757

The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center Consultation Center at Hewlett offers specialized healthcare for children right in their own community.

Physicians and parents have easy access to top pediatrics specialists from Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center. The Center provides specialized services for a wide range of medical conditions such as heart problems, cancer, growth deficiencies, Lyme Disease, neurological disorders and other childhood illnesses. Specialty and general laboratory testing, echocardiography and other diagnostic services are also available at the Consultation Center.

Working with parents, children and their pediatricians, we are providing for those special needs of our young patients . . . needs that significantly differ from those of adults.

Parking is available at the consultation center at no charge.

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