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Nephrology (Kidney Disorders)

Ariana Mastrogiannis, a seventh grader, wrote an essay for her English class when asked who she would nominate for a Nobel Prize. The following is a summary of her essay.

Dr. Howard Trachtman is, without question, the person I would nominate for a Nobel Prize. I met him when I was in the first grade. My ankle was swollen and I felt like everything was in slow motion. My parents brought me right over to Cohen Children’s Medical Center and I saw many doctors, but it was Dr. Trachtman who realized my kidneys were failing.

It was a relief to know I was getting help but a bit scary since I was put in the pediatric intensive care unit. Dr. Trachtman helped me feel more comfortable through the whole thing, telling jokes and distracting me with stories. I had lots of questions – not all of them about my condition – and he answered every one.

I had many visits with Dr. Trachtman after that. Going to the doctor isn’t something most kids would enjoy, but I always looked forward to seeing Dr. Trachtman. He’d ask me what was going on in my life and in school and about what I was reading. We’d have a talk about all of it. I knew that no matter what I told him, Dr. Trachtman would really listen.

My mother often says that Dr. Trachtman saved my life. I know that’s true and from the awards in his office, I know he’s helped many others, too. The reason I would nominate him, however, is that he’s more than a doctor. Dr. Trachtman is someone I admire and respect as a person.

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