Why Choose North Shore-LIJ Orthopaedic Institute

Why Customers Choose North Shore-LIJ Orthopaedic Institute

North Shore-LIJ Orthopaedic Institute brings together the orthopaedic programs of our North Shore-LIJ Health System hospitals to provide orthopaedic services — from diagnosis and treatment to surgery and rehabilitation — to help patients regain mobility and return to active, independent lives.

  • Convenient Locations and Extensive Resources
    Our orthopaedic services are located at our hospitals and at private medical offices throughout Long Island, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island. Learn more about our orthopaedic locations.
  • Expert Surgeons and Staff - A Team Approach
    North Shore-LIJ Orthopedic Institute features many orthopaedic specialists offering a full range of orthopaedic expertise, including sports medicine, scoliosis, bone cancers, joint replacement, pediatrics and specific parts of the body. They partner with other medical professionals (including nurses, physical and occupational therapists, pathologists and orthotics specialists) to deliver a full, multidisciplinary approach to treating your condition. Find a specialist near you.
  • Head-to-Toe Orthopaedic Care
    We cover the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal disorders from foot and ankle disorders to neck and shoulder disorders and everything in between.
  • Pioneering Orthopaedic Research
    Ground-breaking research at our Orthopaedic Research Laboratory at the renowned Feinstein Institute for Medical Research has recently led to one of the first clinical treatments for osteoarthritis.

Contact an Orthopaedic Physician
North Shore-LIJ Orthopaedic Institute makes it easy for you to take the first steps toward ensuring the best orthopaedic care for you and your family. Please call (866) 914-9393 for a referral to an orthopaedic professional at our network of hospitals in Long Island, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island.

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