Hematology-Oncology at NSUH

Service Location
Monter Cancer Center
North Shore University Hospital
Don Monti Division of Medical Oncology and Hemotology
450 Lakeville Road
Lake Success, NY 11042

Service Leader
Richard Gralla, MD
Vice President, Cancer Services
Chief, Division of Oncology/Hematology

Cancer Information Service
Phone (516) 734-8914

Don Monti Division of Med. Oncology/Division of Hematology
(516) 734-8900

The Don Monti Comprehensive Cancer Care Center at North Shore University Hospital offers a wide range of services to patients with cancer and blood diseases. The Division is located within the Monti Pavilion at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, Long Island, NY. All members of the Division have academic appointments at New York University School of Medicine in addition to hospital appointments. Services provided to inpatients and outpatients include chemotherapy, psychosocial counseling, nutritional consultation, pain management, support care program, and cancer genetic counseling. Additionally there is a designated leukemia unit and a bone marrow transplant program for autologous, allogeneic and stem cell transplantation.

The Division is the largest cancer network on Long Island for patient care, medical research and education. As such, the Division continues to expand its activities to include more outreach programs through the National Cancer Institute Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) and has increased research activities at both the preclinical and clinical levels. Strong liaisons with local hospitals have been established to transfer acutely ill patients requiring specialized oncologic/hematologic care and to offer rapid second opinions on pathology and clinical care.

The Division has 15 full-time attendings in medical oncology and hematology and serves as a regional resource for the New York Counties of Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Referrals for experimental therapy, high dose chemotherapy, transplantation, biologic therapy, second opinions and management of complicated leukemias, lymphomas and solid tumors continue to increase yearly. Because of the complexity of cases and rapid development of new therapies, Divisional Sections in breast cancer, gynecologic malignancies, leukemia, genitourinary cancers, gastrointestinal malignancies, lung cancer, lymphoma, bone marrow transplantation and palliative care have been established to consolidate care. A 32-bed inpatient oncology service based on the 8th Floor of the Monti Pavilion offers specialized care to these patients. The hematology and bone marrow transplant services share specialized facilities on the 7th Floor of the Monti Pavilion. This unit includes 22 beds, 6 isolation rooms and 4 laminar flow rooms.

Laboratory and clinical research within the Center make it possible for patients to receive some of the latest cancer treatments. Laboratory research is performed in the Don Monti Laboratory and the Division of Molecular Oncology Laboratory. Patients can participate in cancer prevention and cancer treatment trials offered through the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute and several other organizations. Our cancer program has a Category I rating from the American College of Surgeons' Commission on Cancer and a multidisciplinary cancer committee oversees the oncology activities. Full diagnostic and therapeutic oncology services are available, including magnetic resonance imaging, linear accelerators, electron microscopy, cell surface markers, cytogenetics, stereotactic biopsy unit, home chemotherapy, cancer pain/palliative care program and an extensive oncology psycho-social support program.

Our staff consists of nationally known oncologists/hematologists who develop and participate in state-of-the-art cancer treatment modalities. Nurses certified in oncology are available to administer chemotherapy, manage symptoms, educate and support patients. Specially trained oncology social workers, pharmacists, nutritionist, care coordinators, staff nurses and ancillary personnel work as a team to meet the needs of oncology patients and their families. The Division offers services from early experimental treatment to palliative care and hospice services.

Below is a list of the services available from the Don Monti Division of Medical Oncology/Division of Hematology. For further information on each area seethe Divisional Section's Summary of Services Provided.

List of Services available:

Bone Marrow Transplant  

  • Allogeneic transplant
  • Autologous transplant
  • National Marrow Donor Program
  • Collection Center
  • Transplant Center
  • Stem cell transplant
  • Umbilical cord transplant 
Cancer Hotline
Children's Cancer Center
Diagnostic Imaging  

  • Advanced Breast Biopsy Imaging
  • Bone scan
  • CT Scan
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
  • Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
  • Ultrasound 

  • Cytogenetics
  • Cell Surface Markers
  • Tumor Markers 
 Educational Programs  

  • Continuing Medical Education for physicians and nurses
  • Community Education 
Fellowship Program
Genetic Counseling and Screening Program
Gynecological Oncology Services
Home Care Services
Information Service
Medical Oncology/Hematology Services  

  • Breast Cancer Service
  • Coagulation Disorders
  • Gastrointestinal Cancer Service
  • Genitourinary Cancer Service
  • Geriatric Oncology Service
  • Lymphoma Service
  • Lung Cancer Service

National Marrow Donor Program  

• Collection Center 
• Transplant Center 
Nutritional Support Program  

• Individual Counseling 

Pain and Supportive Care Program  

• H.O.M.E Van Program 
Palliative Care Program
Photodynamic Therapy Program
Psychosocial Support Program  

 • Support Groups 
 • Individual/Family Counseling 
Radiation Oncology Services  

• External Beam Therapy
• Brachytherapy  
• Radioactive

Seed Implantation  

 • Stereotactic Radiosurgery 
 • Novalis 
Research Program  

• Clinical Research - Treatment and Prevention Trials 
 • National Cancer Institute Community Clinical Oncology Program 
 • Clinical Trials 
 • Prevention Clinical Trials 
 • Pharmaceutical and Experimental Therapeutics Program  
• Treatment Trials 
 • Prevention Trials 
• Biological Therapy 
 • Gene Therapy 
Laboratory Research  

• Don Monti Memorial Research Laboratory 
• Molecular Oncology Laboratory 
Screening Programs  

• Breast 
• Colorectal 
• Prostate 
• Skin 
• Thyroid 
Surgical Oncology
Tumor Registry


Last Update

July 12, 2011
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