Regional Center for Brain Injury Rehabilitation

This 24-bed unit is a comfortable, convenient, and efficient facility designed with patients' recoveries in mind. Rooms are large to allow easy wheelchair access. There are physical therapy gyms, and facilities for speech, occupational and recreational therapy on the unit itself, as well as offices for physicians and social services. This reinforces the healing environment and makes it easiest for patients and families to meet with the health care team.

During physical therapy, patients use state-of-the-art equipment to develop strength, coordination, balance and coping skills. In the occupational therapy workshop's fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and other settings, patients practice skills they will need at home, on the job and in their communities. Southside Hospital meets or exceeds national rehabilitation benchmarks for recovery as established on the Functional Independence Measure (FIM™) system.

What to Expect

Rehabilitation inpatients will spend three hours a day in active physical and occupational therapy, as their conditions permit. Unlike other hospital patients, rehabilitation patients are encouraged to bring and wear their own clothing. On average, patients can expect to stay in the hospital about two weeks.

If you, or your family, anticipates the need for rehabilitation, we encourage you to tour the Regional Center for Inpatient Rehabilitation and discuss the rehabilitation program. To make an appointment for a tour, please call the admitting coordinator at (631) 968-3446.

Last Update

May 24, 2010
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