Institute for Physical Therapy

The Institute for Physical Therapy treats neck and back pain and injuries to joints and extremities, and is nationally known for its continuing education program for physical therapists. The Institute's focus is on customized physical therapy and training to help patients resume their jobs, continue sports activities and maintain their daily activities. More than 300 physicians refer their patients to the Institute's two patient care centers for treatment.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Patients at the Institute's centers in Bay Shore and Smithtown always receive a minimum of 30-45 minute treatment sessions with fully licensed physical therapists on a one-to-one basis. As appropriate, additional therapeutic exercise in the physical therapy gym is supervised by a licensed physical therapy assistant. There is neither patient grouping nor non-licensed therapy "extenders." Orthopedic rehabilitation focuses on returning to job, life, and sports-specific activities, and includes a customized home program. Education is an important part of therapy, and there is an always an emphasis on preventing future re-injuries.

Sports Therapy and Athletic Rehabilitation

This service is provided by physical therapists and athletic trainers with extensive experience in treating problems stemming from sports injuries. Patients receive one or more types of therapy including management of pain and inflammation, restoration of balance and mobility, and strengthening and stabilizing of muscles and joints through a sports-specific program. Patients are given a comprehensive home and/or gym maintenance program. The Institute also offers a free, same-day sports injury screening service for local school athletes.

Foot Orthotics Center

Highly trained physical therapists evaluate the foot, ankle and lower legs to determine whether orthotics (corrective shoe inserts) are necessary. Orthotic inserts are individually designed to meet each patient's specific needs and custom made in the Institute's onsite orthotic laboratory. This specialized program also offers recommendation for stretching and strengthening exercises. A doctor's prescription is needed for orthotics.

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October 12, 2010
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