Critical Care/Trauma

The Division of Surgical Critical Care/Trauma at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, under the direction of Jeffrey M. Nicastro, MD, FACS provides care to critically ill patients within the Surgical Intensive Care Unit in a collaborative multidisciplinary fashion. The Surgical ICU serves a diverse group of patients including critically ill general, vascular, oncologic, thoracic, orthopedic, plastic, urologic, gynecologic and head and neck surgical patients.

Mission Statement of the LIJ Division of Surgical Critical Care/Trauma:

  • To provide the highest level of SICU care;
  • To provide the highest ICU quality in both outcomes and cost efficiency;
  • To be a regionally and nationally recognized center of excellence in ICU care and education;
  • To support and produce nationally recognized clinical research;
  • To serve as a referral for complex tertiary level surgical and critical care patients within the region.

The SICU team consists of critical care physicians ,clinical pharmacists, and respiratory therapists working collaboratively with the nursing staff. The critical care physician team is comprised of board-certified Surgical and Medical Intensivists,residents, and interns as well as specially trained Physician's Assistants.

To provide the highest level of Critical Care management, the LIJ SICU maintains the following:

  • Dedicated board-certified ICU attending availability 24/7, as well as dedicated resident and PA support specific to the SICU.
  • Timely SICU evaluation of all potentially critically ill surgical patients.
  • A rapid response team to assure intervention prior to SICU admission.
  • Continuous implementation of evidence based best-practice guidelines.
  • Aggressive process improvement and quality assurance programs.
  • Utilization of a critical care database and severity scoring for analysis of outcomes and changes.
  • To provide tertiary level services/referrals for all North Shore/LIJ system and hospitals within the region.

Providing the highest level of SICU care is a labor-intense effort requiring collaboration between diverse groups.  Physician, nursing, and ancillary groups work collaboratively to standardize practice where appropriate and maintain excellence in all levels of care. The Division of Surgical Critical Care/Trauma views each of the services that primarily admit patients to the unit as its customers, working in close cooperation with them to provide the best possible outcomes within a closed surgical unit.

Division of Surgical Critical Care/Trauma

Last Update

January 28, 2010
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