Psychiatric Rehabilitation

General Description
Each year this department offers clinical internships to students from universities throughout the country in Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling, Therapeutic Recreation, Art Therapy, and Neurorehabilitation programs. All students must be matriculated students from accredited programs.

Rotations and Training

  • Apply knowledge/skills learned in the academic program,
  • Obtain “hands on” experience in a psychiatric clinical setting, interact with multidisciplinary treatment teams
  • Refine the interpersonal skills and attitudes necessary for effective interaction with individuals with mental illness or developmental deficits.
  • Part time clerkship experiences are also available in order to provide exposure to clinical practice through the process of participant observation.
  • All students are supervised by a licensed professional in the field of specialization and are assigned team and case management responsibilities.
Length of Program

  • Occupational Therapy students, Fieldwork I (FWI) and Fieldwork II (FWII) affiliations are offered. FWI students are assigned for their initial part time clinical experience while completing concurrent mental health courses. requirements. This is a preliminary experience to begin orienting students to the clinical environment in preparation for their full time experience. FWII students are assigned for their clinical training for a full time three-month period of time.
  • At the completion of their placement, we, as clinicians, are stating that the student can function as a staff psychiatric Occupational Therapist. For all other students, the length of the clinical experience is negotiated based upon school requirements.

  • A formal contract between the academic program and the Department of Grants and Contracts at The Zucker Hillside Hospital must be on file in order in order for any student to commence training.
  • Appropriate insurance and medical forms must be submitted to the Director of Student Training, Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation by the first day of training.
  • All students are screened and accepted on the basis of competency and matriculation in the professional degree program in a recognized university.

Number of Positions
For each quarter, approximately 5-8 full time and 4-6 part time positions are available within the Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Generally no more than 2 full time and 1 part time student can be accommodated on any one unit at a time.

Application Deadlines and Process
Due to high demand, reservations are suggested by the school’s Clinical Coordinator/Academic Professor Program-course syllabus clearly outlining requirements. Formal interviews are required for full time placements. They are not required for part time placements 70 hours or less. The Director of Student Training will place all students, collaborate with the academic program, and monitor the clinical experiences.

For further information please contact:
Carmine DeSena
Director of Psychiatric Research
(718) 264-1789 Ext: 10123
E-mail Carmine DeSena

Last Update

June 19, 2012
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