Hearing and Speech Center

The Hearing and Speech Center at LIJ is the oldest and largest comprehensive hearing and speech facility on Long Island. It holds national accreditation from the Professional Services Board of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA). The Center is approved by the New York State Health Department's Physically Handicapped Children's Program. It serves Nassau and Suffolk counties, New York City and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut.

Since the Hearing and Speech Center is an integral component of the Medical Center, physicians and other health specialists from the LIJ professional staff can be called upon when needed. It is the policy of the Center always to work closely with patients' personal physicians in coordinating treatment.

A team of professionals participates in all aspects of diagnosis and treatment for hearing, speech, voice and language disorders. Audiologists, speech pathologists, physicians and social workers provide expert care to patients of all ages. Those treated may be either outpatients at the Hearing and Speech Center or inpatients of the Medical Center.

The Hearing and Speech Center also serves as a post-graduate teaching resource in speech pathology and audiology. Students receive supervised clinical experience in their specialty areas.



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September 24, 2012
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