Telehealth is an interactive method of providing care, education and monitoring to patients at home using telecommunication technologies. Without leaving the office the nurse can monitor, through 'virtual visits' or 'tele-visits,' patients in their homes using voice and video combined with medical peripheral equipment.

Program Goals

  • Manage early symptoms and collaborate with primary care provider
  • Provide immediate access to care and caregivers
  • Improve compliance with medical regime
  • Improve patient self management behavior
  • Provide physician with real time clinical information
  • Restore quality of life and security by returning control to patients over their disease process
  • Provide physician with real time clinical information
  • Improve patient and physician satisfaction

Services Provided

Telehealth encounters are an enhancement to the in home visits made by the visiting nurse and are performed by a specially trained Registered Nurse Telehealth Coordinator. Telehealth encounters are carried out on both a scheduled and unscheduled basis. The Telehealth Coordinator case manages all patients and communicates closely with the visiting nurse.

Call The Home Care Network toll-free at (866) 651-4200 to discuss your personal home care needs.

Last Update

January 22, 2010
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