Sickle Cell

The North Shore-LIJ Home Care Network's sickle cell anemia program provides multidisciplinary, coordinated, outcome oriented home care to patients who are discharged from an acute setting or clinic.The program is individualized, based on the patient's clinical needs and is provided under the supervision of the patient's internist or hematologist.

Sickle Cell Home Care Team

  • Each patient's care is managed by a Nurse Coordinator who acts as the liaison between the multiple disciplines and the physician
  • Interdisciplinary team consisting of Nurses and Social Workers clinically trained in sickle cell management
  • Home Health Aides and Physical Therapy also available

Clinical Assessment and Intervention, including:

  • Nutritional Status
  • Medication compliance/knowledge
  • Pain relief
  • Patient/caregiver education including how to avoid sickle cell crisis
  • Psychosocial counseling
  • Community support and resources

Additional Services

  • Laboratory
  • Supplies
  • Durable Medical Equipment

Call The Home Care Network toll-free at (866) 651-4200 to discuss your personal home care needs.

Last Update

January 22, 2010
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