Staten Island Receives Coveted Codman Award

The Joint Commission has selected Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) as the 2004 Codman Award recipient. The Codman Award is JCAHO’s highest award for excellence in achieving quality improvement through the measurement of performance. “The Codman Award affirms our commitment to our community, epitomizing the trust given and the trust earned in caring for the frail elderly with empathy, with compassion and with ever increasing success in the desired medical outcomes,” said Anthony Ferreri, president and CEO of SIUH.

Building on Success

“In 2003, we earned the Pinnacle Award for Quality Improvement from the Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) for our Reducing Mortality in Patient’s Undergoing Hip Fracture Repair Surgery Project. Building on our achievement, the Codman Award represents a national honor acknowledging our hospital’s performance in quality initiatives as second to none in the United States.” Mr. Ferreri noted that a hospital-wide, multidisciplinary effort involving staff at every level and in all departments put SIUH above all other US facilities in this achievement.

Read more about the Codman Award (PDF format)

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May 14, 2010
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