3rd J.D. Power Award Makes Syosset Hospital A Service Excellence Exemplar

At a time when the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System is working hard to improve patient satisfaction, Syosset Hospital is showing the way, earning its third consecutive service excellence award from J.D. Power and Associates. In September, Syosset was recognized once again by J.D. Power’s Distinguished Hospital Program. This distinction acknowledges a strong commitment by Syosset Hospital to provide its patients with an “outstanding inpatient experience.”

“Because patients place a high value on the service aspects of their hospital stay, providing patients with a consistent, positive experience year after year is as important to hospitals as it is to any other service industry,” said David Stefan, executive director of the healthcare division of J.D. Power and Associates.

The service excellence distinction was determined by surveying a random sample of recently discharged Syosset Hospital patients on their perceptions of their hospital stay and comparing the results to the national benchmark established by the annual J.D. Power and Associates National Hospital Service Performance Study. The telephone-based research conducted among inpatients focuses on the five key drivers of patient satisfaction with their overall hospital experience that were established in the national study: dignity and respect; speed and efficiency; comfort; information and communication; and emotional support.  Syosset Hospital exceeded the national benchmark study score for overall patient satisfaction by a notable margin.

The hospital performed particularly well compared to the national study in providing care with speed and efficiency. The hospital received high ratings in this area on nurses’ promptness in responding to the call button, speed and efficiency of discharge and speed and efficiency of the admissions process. Syosset also performed well relative to the national study in the area of information and communication, especially on providing a clear explanation of how to manage care after leaving hospital, and the nurses’ ability to explain the condition and treatment.

Compared to the hospital’s 2005 study findings, Syosset Hospital scored higher on overall patient satisfaction in 2006, as well as the five key drivers of patient satisfaction. Among those key drivers, the hospital demonstrated the greatest improvement in information and communication and dignity and respect. When looking at the most important individual attributes, Syosset Hospital showed the greatest improvement from 2005 to 2006 on the hospital personnel’s respect for privacy and the nurses’ performance of regular duties.

Additionally, patients were asked to rate their level of trust and confidence in the hospitals after their most recent stay. Among Syosset patients, 65 percent indicated they have more or much more trust and confidence in the hospital after their most recent stay. Furthermore, Syosset patients are more likely to experience an increase in trust and confidence in the hospital because of their experience, as compared to the national average.

The patients of Syosset were also asked about loyalty. Regarding their likelihood to return, 91 percent stated they definitely will or probably will do so. When asked about their likelihood to recommend, 93 percent said they definitely will or probably will do so. Syosset patients are more likely to return and recommend than those in the national study. "At Syosset, we strive to treat every patient as we would like our own family members to be treated,” said Deborah Tascone, RN, executive director. "This yearly recognition by J.D. Power gives me confidence that we are accomplishing this mission on a regular basis."

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May 14, 2010
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