Mary Fay, NP, and Elizabeth Fay, RN

For Mary Fay, it was an experience during her daughter Elizabeth’s childhood hospitalization with a heart defect that planted the seed of her wanting to become a nurse. After raising her four children, she went back to school and earned a bachelor’s and a master’s and her nurse practitioner’s license. For Elizabeth Fay, it was seeing the fulfillment her mom had found in that career in nursing that brought her first to physical therapy and then to nursing.

It was Elizabeth who first came to North Shore University Hospital, working as a ward clerk and secretary in high school and moving into nursing after her graduation from nursing school in 1999. Her mom was at first hesitant to work at North Shore, not wanting to step on her daughter’s toes, but she found no bigger supporter than Elizabeth and is now a nurse educator in the emergency room and pursuing a doctorate at Case Western Reserve University.

Mary and Elizabeth have a close, loving relationship and a devotion to nursing that they each came to on a separate path but with a shared love.

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May 21, 2010
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