Jovy Martins, RN, and Josephine Nunez, RN

Sisters depend on each other for countless things throughout their lives but not always at work. But Jovy Martins and Josephine Nunez have added a shared love of nursing to their relationship.

Their mother, brother and sister-in-law are all critical care nurses. Jovy and Josephine enrolled in St. Anthony's Health Professions and Nursing Institute and followed in their family footsteps, specializing in critical care nursing.

They’ve each chosen to practice at North Shore University Hospital. Jovy works days and Josephine works nights, which makes for an ideal child care situation for each, especially since they live on the same block.

Patients find a similar family comfort with the sisters. Jovy fondly remembers one patient and her family that she grew close to on 3 Cohen. The patient attributed her progress in recovery to Jovy. When she took a turn for the worse, however, she was transferred to the MICU. Her fears were soon eased when she found out that Josephine was now in charge of her care.

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May 21, 2010
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