Education and Development

The North Shore-LIJ Health System is dedicated to the education of its employees. We also believe in creating an environment for our nurses that is nurturing, supportive, understanding of their needs, motivating and inspiring. This enables our nurses to achieve even greater levels of understanding of their practice, which will benefit themselves and their patients alike.

To that end, we have created:

The Institute for Nursing

The institute supports our nursing workforce by:

  • Creating healthy work environments for nurses;
  • Providing education and workforce development programs;
  • Conducting nursing research and implementing evidenced-based practice;
  • Empowering nurses by developing a culture of magnetism throughout the health system; and
  • Promoting the findings and accomplishments of nurses through publication and public speaking engagements.

Continuing Nursing Education

We provide outstanding nursing education that enhances the professional nursing staff in its delivery of safe, competent and quality patient care by:

  • Enhancing their baseline nursing knowledge;
  • Updating them on the most current and innovative information that will help them in caring for their patients; and
  • Helping them acquire the skills required to operate the latest in healthcare technology and educate them on the latest methods in the delivery of patient care.

The Nursing Fellowship Program

The Nursing Fellowship Program is designed to recruit and retain highly skilled nurses. The program consists of:

  • Web-based training
  • Lecture-style classes
  • Simulation
  • Direct patient care

Last Update

May 21, 2010
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