Glen Cove Hospital Visitor Information

Surgical Guest Lounge

The Surgical Guest Lounge is located on the ground floor. Your immediate family can wait there while you are in the operating room. There is a volunteer on service five days a week to notify your family when your surgery is complete and when you return to your room. Two family members may be allowed in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit for a specified period of time at the discretion of your physician and the unit. Your family may call the surgical guest lounge at (516) 674-7712 for an update on your surgical procedure.

  Please view our interactive admitting guide before visiting the hospital.

Visiting Hours/Policies

Welcome to Glen Cove Hospital. We are glad that you’re here to see one of our patients and want to make your visit as comfortable as possible for both you and the patient. Here are some guidelines that will make your visit helpful to your family member or friend:

  • Visitors are welcome at any time during the patient’s stay
  • Visitors are also welcome to stay with a family member or friend when they are in the hospital’s Emergency Department, or are here for outpatient services or Ambulatory Surgery
  • Patients can choose who can and cannot visit them while they are in our healthcare facility without regard to legal relationship, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability
  • Limits on visiting must be reasonable and based on the patient’s medical condition, and will be explained to the patient and to you
  • Reasons for restricting visitors may include, but are not limited to:
    • The patient requests restrictions or limitations
    • There are safety concerns, such as risk of infection
    • Visiting interferes with the care of other patients, including the need for their rest and/or privacy
    • An existing court order that restricts contact
    • Visitors are disruptive, threatening or violent
    • The patient is in a substance abuse/mental health treatment program that requires limited visiting
  • Visits from children:
    • Children are welcome to visit a family member, but those under the age of 16 should be supervised by a responsible adult during their visit
    • Young children are expected to stay with an adult who is responsible for supervising them to ensure a safe and restful environment for the patient, and any other patient(s) sharing their room
    • Younger children are not excluded by age, but supervising adults are encouraged to keep their visit brief

Thank you for supporting your loved one by visiting Glen Cove Hospital.

Language Translation Services

Translation services are available on premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In most instances our own talented staff provides the service immediately. We also utilize the AT&T Translation Service as the need arises. Sign language services are also provided as needed.



The Admitting Department, which is located on the ground floor near the Emergency Department, is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. When being admitted to the hospital, patients are asked to provide basic demographic information along with any applicable insurance information. Patients are requested to sign standard consent forms and are offered the opportunity to complete a health care proxy if one is not in effect already. In addition, information regarding all hospital services is made available. To contact the Admitting Department, please call (516) 674-7385.

The outpatient registration desk, located in the main lobby, is where patients register for various outpatient services such as laboratory services, radiology, nuclear medicine, cardiology and outpatient physical, occupational, speech and cardiology therapy. The hours of operation for outpatient registration are as follows:

Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

(Closed on Sundays & holidays)

Please note that an appointment may be necessary for certain tests and procedures.  A doctor’s prescription ordering the outpatient testing is required at the time of registration. If you are covered by insurance, your physician may need to obtain pre-authorization from your insurance carrier for certain tests and procedures. You may contact the outpatient registration desk at (516) 674-7395.


Financial & Insurance Information

Emergency Department

Treatment is rendered without regard to ability to pay. Emergency charges are determined according to the level of service with additional charges for diagnostic tests, drugs and medical supplies. There is a separate bill for the emergency medicine physician and diagnostic test interpretations.

If You Are Admitted

The hospital charges a daily room and board rate for patients who are admitted to the hospital.  There are additional charges for services that include, but are not limited to, diagnostic tests, use of delivery, operating and recovery rooms, drugs and medical supplies.  You will be billed for the day of admission regardless of the hour, but not for the day of discharge.  Please note that in addition to the hospital bill, inpatients may receive separate bills for physicians, anesthesiologists, diagnostic test interpretations and emergency medicine physician services.

Outpatient Services

Charges are based on services rendered. Some outpatient tests require physician interpretation that will be billed separately from the hospital charges.


The hospital bills all insurance carriers for emergency services and emergency admissions. 

Medicare and Medicaid are billed for all hospital services. 

For commercial/HMO plans, your physician may need to obtain pre-authorization for scheduled admissions/procedures and outpatient testing. 

For patients who are uninsured, the hospital offers assistance with the following charity care programs: Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, the Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP) and sliding scale fees that are available in our Family Practice Clinic and substance abuse programs. Further information is available in all registration areas of the hospital.

If you have questions regarding insurance coverage, you may contact Patient Financial Services at (516) 674-7338 during business hours Monday through Friday. If you have questions regarding a bill, the hospital’s billing department may be reached during business hours by calling (516) 997-0234.



Glen Cove Hospital is accessible by car or Long Island Rail Road.

Glen Cove Hospital
101 St. Andrews Lane
Glen Cove, NY 11542

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By Car
Take the Long Island Expressway to Exit 39 North (Glen Cove Road). Continue straight on Glen Cove Road, crossing Northern Boulevard, for approximately five miles. Bear right onto Cedar Swamp Road. Pass over the railroad tracks, and turn right onto Pearsall Avenue. Follow the blue hospital signs, bearing left onto Walnut Road. The hospital is on the left-hand side. To reach the main entrance, turn left at the traffic light onto St. Andrews Lane.

By Rail
The hospital is a short cab ride away from the Long Island Rail Road Station in Glen Cove. Call the Rail Road for complete schedule and rate information.



Visitor parking is available in three parking areas surrounding the hospital. For convenience, patients should be dropped off at the main entrance on St. Andrews Lane. Visitor parking is available in lots located on the east side of Walnut Road; on the south side of the hospital, off Dosoris Way; and west of the main entrance on St. Andrews Lane. Handicapped parking is available outside the main entrance, the Emergency Department, and the Family Practice entrance on Trubee Place.


Important Phone Numbers

This listing provides you, your family and visitors with the phone numbers of some hospital departments you may need to reach. If you are dialing from within the hospital, and the exchange is 674, you need only dial the last five digits.


Inpatient Billing 

(631) 719-8787


(516) 674-7580 


(516) 674-7385 

Ambulatory Surgery Center 

(516) 674-7795 

Nutrition and Food Service 

(516) 674-7474 

Gift/Flower Shop 

(516) 674-7424 

Professional and Public
Health Education 

(516) 465-2500 

Home Care Network

(866) 651-4200 

Medical Records 

(516) 674-7455 

Nursing Administration 

(516) 674-7567 

Patient Information or Operator 

(516) 674-7368 

Patient Relations 

(516) 674-7570 


(516) 674-7778 


(516) 674-7884 

Social Work 

(516) 674-7407 

Surgical Guest Lounge 

(516) 674-7712 

TV Rental 

(516) 674-2225

Volunteers/Auxiliary Services 

(516) 674-7365 

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