Center for Oncology and Cell Biology

Thomas L Rothstein, MD, PhD
Center Head

The Center for Oncology and Cell Biology is made up of diverse laboratories that range in their research interests from cell signaling to surgical oncology, and is overseen by Thomas L. Rothstein, MD, PhD. All of the scientists share a common interest in understanding the biological and molecular underpinnings of disease.
All of the science focuses on the salient question: How will the basic science shed light on developing treatments for a variety of human illnesses? Scientists study the human papillomavirus and this work has led to a large federally-funded multi-center trial to use COX-2 inhibitors to treat airway papillomas, a problem that is treated today with routine surgeries to remove the obstructive warts. Brain tumors are dissected in the Laboratory of Tumor Cell Biology in order to determine the molecules responsible for cancer cell growth and invasion of the brain.
The Immunobiology Laboratory examines the mechanisms underlying B lymphocyte activation and function in the service of improving immune responsiveness, including anti-tumor immunity. 

Center Labs:
Laboratory of Immunobiology  – Thomas L. Rothstein, MD, PhD
Laboratory of B-Cell Signaling – Benchang Guo, PhD
Biomechanics and Bioengineering Laboratory – Nadeen Chahine, PhD
Laboratory of Papillomavirus Research – Bettie Steinberg, PhD
Laboratory of Brain Tumor Cell Biology – Marc Symons, PhD
Laboratory of Cell Signaling – Maria Ruggieri, PhD
Laboratory of Surgical Oncology – Weng Lang Wang, PhD             
The Les Nelkin Memorial Pediatric Oncology Laboratory  – Johnson Liu, MD
Laboratory of Pathology/Ovarian Cancer – Henry Simpkins, MD
Laboratory of Orthopedic Research – Daniel Grande, PhD

Administrative Staff:

Name:  Jodi Schad
Administrative Assistant
(516) 562-3435




Last Update

January 4, 2012
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