Renal Health Education

Many Americans don’t realize they can feel very healthy even when their kidneys function at only 20 percent of normal. Because many of the problems causing kidney disease begin well before kidney failure, one in nine adult Americans might have chronic kidney disease without being aware of it.

To heighten community awareness of kidney disease, the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System’s John & Janet Raggio Nephrology Institute offers a free renal education program. The program emphasizes identification, education and treatment of at-risk patients in the early stages of renal disease to prolong renal survival and delay the onset of dialysis. A diabetic education program is also offered on the fourth Thursday of each month.

Consisting of two 90-minute sessions conducted monthly by experienced nephrology nurses, the renal education program benefits patients with minimal, mild and moderate kidney damage. Individuals at high risk for developing chronic kidney disease – those with diabetes, hypertension or vascular disease, who are recovering from acute kidney failure or who have a family history of kidney disease – are also encouraged to attend.

The first session provides participants with the basic anatomy and functions of the kidney as well as the common causes of kidney damage. The second session emphasizes treatment of kidney disease, slowing its progression and delaying the onset of dialysis. Both sessions stress that prevention is the best treatment and early detection is the most effective defense. A “renal scorecard” is distributed and explained in the class to assist patients in monitoring and controlling their renal health.

The two classes are offered from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on the first and second Thursdays of each month at the Nephrology Conference Room, located in the Julia & Israel Waldbaum Dialysis Center at 100 Community Drive in Great Neck.

Anyone who is interested in attending the renal education program should make a reservation with the program coordinator at 516-465-8215 or Classes can also be held for groups or organizations at their regular meeting locations.

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July 12, 2011
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