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Fostering Hope through Experience and Innovation

What sets the Cancer Institute at North Shore-LIJ apart from those of other cancer centers? Innovative methods that keep us at the forefront of cancer care, delivered with heartfelt compassion. As one of the largest cancer centers in the New York metropolitan area, we deliver exceptional care for virtually every type of cancer.

At the Cancer Institute at North Shore-LIJ, comprehensive patient care is the focal point and individualized treatment plans are the standard.

Multidisciplinary treatment regimens, highly specialized techniques and clinical research advances enable our patients to receive the highest quality of cancer care possible--all within a single healthcare system.


Personalized Care

We treat all patients as individuals — blending specific diagnostics, medical histories and family genetics as one; we possess the integrated teams and resources to accurately diagnose the toughest cases and implement the best possible care plans.



Multidisciplinary Treatment Strategies

All medical and scientific forces are joined together, with you at the center of it all. We look at each case from multiple perspectives and care levels, treating both cancer- and non-cancer-related issues with equal skill and proficiency. During weekly teleconferences, our physicians share ideas and best practices for delivering highly specific and fully explored collaborative patient care.


Highly Specialized Techniques

Pioneering approaches such as robotic assistance enable us to conduct minimally invasive surgeries designed to improve outcomes and speed post-surgical healing — all administered with a human touch. Our investigational medications, treatments and therapies offer hope to extend life, cure diseases, reduce pain and promote healing.


Clinical Trials and Research Breakthroughs that Inspire Hope


The Cancer Institute offers a full array of clinical trials. The result of this research not only impacts survival, but also enhances the quality of life.

We remain on the cusp of discovery, each research breakthrough has a direct effect on the quality of care we extend to our patients. The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research is one of the fastest growing biomedical research institutes in the country. More than 100 doctors and scientists are dedicated to advancing science, shaping medicine and making a difference in people’s lives.


Extensive Resources Only a Health System Can Provide

To treat cancer effectively, you must treat the whole patient, and all that each case entails. Preexisting conditions. Unexpected complications. With the resources of a full-service hospital system behind us, we're fully prepared to confront any contingency in the care continuum, cancer-triggered or otherwise — clinically, emotionally, socially and psychologically.


About the North Shore-LIJ Family



As the nation's third-largest, non-profit, secular healthcare system, the North Shore-LIJ Health System cares for people of all ages throughout Long Island, Queens and Staten Island — a service area encompassing more than five million people. The health system consists of 14 hospitals, 17 long-term care facilities, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, five trauma centers, five home health agencies, a hospice network and dozens of outpatient centers. In addition, North Shore-LIJ is partnering with Hofstra University to develop a new medical school. Excluding its affiliate organizations, North Shore-LIJ facilities house 4,844 beds, have more than 7,000 physicians and employ approximately 9,150 nurses and a total workforce of about 33,250 — the largest employer on Long Island and the ninth-largest in New York City.

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October 24, 2012
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