Radiation Oncologist

Radiation oncologists play the leadership role as part of the multidisciplinary Department of Radiation Medicine team. They utilize their education, clinical experience, and specialized expertise to prescribe an appropriate plan of radiation therapy that is customized to each individual patient. Our physicians stay at the fore front of continually evolving technology available in the field of radiation therapy. As they closely follow each patient’s care throughout their radiation treatments and beyond, they provide medical care and support to their patients during every stage of their therapy experience.

Meet Our Team

Louis Potters, MD

John W. Ames, MD
Dr. Beatrice F. Bloom, MD
Beatrice Bloom, MD

Maged Ghaly, MD

Rajiv Sharma, MD

Lucille Lee, MD

Evelyn Marienberg, MD

Jonathan Knisely, MD


Meet Other Members of the Radiation Medicine Team

Radiation technology therapists are involved in various aspects of the radiation therapy process.

The Scheduling Therapist is responsible for scheduling your simulation and treatment appointments. This is done right after the consultation.

The Simulation Therapist simulates (CT Scan) your treatment according to the Doctor's instructions, which includes scanning and marking you for daily treatments.

The Treatment Machine Therapist treats you on a daily basis following the Doctor's prescription and the fields designed at the time of the simulation..


The nurses in our department are registered professional nurses with specialized training in oncology. They will meet with you at your initial consultation, monitor your progress during treatment, and assist you with any side effects you may develop.


An oncology social worker is a licensed clinical social worker with specialized training in providing cancer support services. The oncology social worker is available to provide patients with an individualized psychosocial care plan to assist with the radiation therapy process; services available to patients and caregivers include confidential counseling and support, information and education, referrals to community resources and assistance with concrete needs. Consultation is available upon request.


A registered dietitian is available to guide you through your treatment should you experience unwanted weight gain or loss, decreased appetite, or side effects that may interfere with your ability to eat well. Consultation is available upon request.


The billing staff will review the insurance information for accuracy and ensure that all authorizations are obtained for treatment. Each of our hospitals has at least one billing representative on site to assist patients with any Radiation Medicine billing questions or concerns that may arise during their radiation treatment.


Our board-certified medical physicists and dosimetrists are involved in much of the behind the scenes planning and decision making. Medical physicists have the overall responsibility for the technical aspects of your treatment. The physicist performs daily, weekly and monthly testing and quality assurance of the treatment machines, and monitors the computers and planning equipment used in the department. Consulting with the physician, he/she prepares a radiation treatment plan precisely tailored to your individual prescription, using state-of-the-art technology.


The secretaries and receptionists will schedule your first appointment, and each day will greet you and check you in. In addition they transcribe and type various correspondence, reports and patient letters.


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