Image guided radiotherapy is a technique available at North Shore Long Island Jewish that utilizes imaging technologies in order to position the patient repeatedly into the correct position for their radiation treatment. 

The AlignRT® system we offer provides the radiation medicine therapist with valuable information in order to ensure that the patient is positioned correctly on every treatment visit. It can also be left running while the patient is having their treatment in order to detect even the smallest of movements, ensuring that the treatment is always targeted to the right place.

This system uses two sets of camera units and a patterned light in order to reconstruct 3D surface data. During the treatment planning session we acquire a reference image when the patient is in the optimum position. Each time the patient is treated, a new image is taken and matched to the original reference image. The therapist is provided with coordinate information so that the patient can be aligned correctly in all directions.

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September 27, 2012
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