Accelerated Partial Breast Radiation

One of the treatment options available at North Shore Long Island Jewish to women with early stage breast cancer is partial breast radiation. One system utilized in our department for this type of 5-day targeted radiation therapy is MammoSite®. This procedure places a radiation source inside the lumpectomy cavity (the space left when a tumor is removed).  Therapy is delivered twice a day, about six hours apart, over a five day period rather than the seven weeks required for full breast radiation.


For more detailed information about the Partial Breast Radiation option, click on the link below:

Mammosite patient education materials


 Meet our specialists in Partial Breast Brachytherapy:


John W. Ames, MD
Dr. Beatrice F. Bloom, MD
Beatrice Bloom, MD

Lucille Lee, MD


Last Update

August 23, 2010
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