Lung Cancer

The North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute’s Lung Cancer Center is one of the largest lung cancer programs in the New York metropolitan area. We offer a multidisciplinary team, including experts in thoracic surgery, pulmonary medicine, medical oncology, radiation medicine, oncology nursing and social services. Team members collaborate, applying leading-edge treatment options and groundbreaking technologies to deliver the most advanced personalized care with the least physical impact on the body.

The Center’s highly specialized thoracic surgeons utilize minimally invasive methods and technology, including radiofrequency ablation (RFA), to improve the treatment of chest and lung cancers, decrease postoperative pain and recovery time, extend survival rates and relieve symptoms for patients with certain inoperable lung tumors.  Our radiation oncologists utilize the most innovative procedures that precisely target the malignancy and minimize side effects. Medical oncologists provide the latest and most advanced treatments and protocols available. Pulmonologists assure maximal postoperative recovery of performance.

The Center provides state-of-the-art prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment options for all stages of lung cancer, including the surgical expertise essential for curative treatment of Stage 1 disease.  Patients have full access to a variety of important National Cancer Institute-supported clinical trials that are designed to further improve the ability to prevent, detect and treat both early and advanced lung cancer.

Medical Oncologists - (516) 734-8866
Jane Carleton, MD
Scott Fields, MD
Doru Paul, MD
Harry Raftopoulos, MD

Radiation Oncologists - (516/718) 470-7190
John W Ames, MD
Maged Ghaly, MD
Evelyn Marienberg, MD
Jonathan Knisely, MD
Rajiv Sharma, MD

Thoracic Surgeons
Lawrence Glassman, MD
Laurence Spier, MD
David Zeltsman, MD

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October 24, 2012
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