Virtual Colonoscopy

What is the procedure?

A very sophisticated method of examining the colon for polyps without the need for anesthesia or introducing instruments into the colon. CAT Scan technology is merged with very complex computer programs to produce 3D images of the inside of the colon.

The day before the exam:

The study requires preparation the day prior to the exam. Complementary preparation kit and instruction will be provided by our nurses.

How long should it take?

The exam takes only about ten minutes.

During the exam:

A small tube will be place in your rectum and air (NO INSTRUMENTS!) will be introduced into your colon. You will probably feel distended for few minutes while the pictures are taken. Pictures are taken with you on your back and again on your stomach. You will have to hold your breath for about 15 seconds while the pictures are obtained.

After the exam:

The tube will be removed and you will go to the bathroom to expel the air. There are no limitations the rest of the day. You may immediately resume normal diet and activity. Your Doctor will receive the results in 24 – 48 hours.

Exam offered at the following locations:

Mitchell A. Goldman, MD, Diagnostic Imaging Center
Long Island Jewish Medical Center
North Shore University Hospital
North Shore-LIJ Imaging at Great South Bay 

Last Update

April 13, 2011
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