Cardiac CT

This study is a variant of chest CT and uses a more focussed field of view and electrocardiographic gating to deliver an optimized view of the coronary arteries. The main indications are evaluation of the extent of coronary artery disease, especially in patients with intermediate risk, evaluation of coronary artery bypass grafts and evaluation of pulmonary veins prior to catheter ablation for arrhythmia.

Prior to the examination, you may be given beta blockers to slow your heart rate which will allow for clearer imaging of the beating heart. During the exam you will electrocardiography leads will be placed and you will be given sublingual nitroglycerine to dilate the coronary arteries. IV contrast will also be injected. Patients should not eat for 4 hours prior to the exam. Drink lots of fluid prior to the exam and continue with all medications.

Exam offered at the following locations:

North Shore University Hospital

Last Update

May 4, 2010
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