Patient Representative and Support Person Policy

Designation of a Patient Representative and Support Person

  • Patients have the right to designate a “Support Person” to provide comfort and support during the course of the hospital stay or episode of care.
    • The Support Person may exercise a patient’s visitation rights on behalf of the patient with respect to other visitors when the patient is unable to do so.
  • Patients have the right to appoint a “Patient Representative” to assist in making healthcare decisions, participate in the plan of care, and carry out the patient’s preferences and rights.
    • Inclusion of the patient and the Patient Representative in the plan of care must be reflected in the medical record.
    • Patients continue to have the right to appoint a Health Care Agent (Proxy) who will have legal authority to make healthcare decisions if the patient lacks capacity.

By enabling each patient or family to designate a support person and/or patient representative, we can better engage family members and friends in the patient’s care and ensure the steps needed for treatment and recovery will be taken once the patient is not under a physician’s daily care.

Last Update

September 17, 2012
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