The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research  is the research branch of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System. Biomedical research has been a vital aspect of its two academic medical centers – North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center – since their establishment in the early 1950’s. Through its connection to the hospital system, the Institute bridges the gap between biomedical research and patient care, accessing hundreds of thousands of patients in the health system's 15 hospitals, four long-term care facilities, three trauma centers, six home health agencies and dozens of outpatient facilities. Institute scientists collaborate with clinicians throughout the system to shed light on basic biological processes underlying disease. This knowledge is used to develop new therapies and diagnostics.

Currently, more than 800 scientists and investigators are conducting research in oncology, immunology and inflammation, genetics, psychiatry, neurology, pediatrics, surgery, urology, obstetrics/gynecology and many other specialties. In 2008, the Feinstein received funding from the National Institutes of Health in excess of $28 million, and an additional $10 million from other federal sources. Total annual research funding from all sources exceeded $44 million in 2008.

We stand at the threshold of an extraordinary time in medicine. Over the last 100 years, biomedical science has progressed very rapidly. Advances coming from the integration of genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics into the biomedical toolkit hold the promise that this transformation will continue well into the 21st century. The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research is a growing force in research innovation, education and progress.

 The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research 2011 Introduction Video

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July 18, 2011
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