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Clinical Neuroscience News, September 2013

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Clinical Neuroscience News, September 2013

Dr. Raj K. Narayan

Dear Readers,

The surgical treatment of scoliosis is technically demanding surgery. It aims to achieve several challenging goals all at once: modification of the existing spinal deformity, the solid fusion of one or more segments of the spine to correct or greatly reduce abnormal rotation and lateral tilt, and the rebalancing of the trunk and its supporting musculature to new sagittal and coronal planes. Indirectly scoliosis surgery also aims to restore a patient’s self image, ease of mobility and physical comfort. As each patient’s spinal deformity is unique in the degree of curvature and where the curve (or possibly curves) are located, it can be said that finding the best solution is as much art as science.

At Cushing Neuroscience Institute we are fortunate in having an outstanding team of neurosurgeons equipped to practice the most advanced forms of surgery for spinal deformity. Their special expertise includes adult scoliosis, kyphotic deformity, tumors and degenerative diseases of the spine. Our specialists are also closely involved in the development and adoption of new methods of MIS interventions using intraoperative imaging and stereotaxy, new smaller surgical retractor systems and new bone graft alternatives. All of these relatively new options enhance surgical safety and precision while shortening patient recovery times.

Two notable case studies documenting a spectrum of surgical challenges are included in this issue of Clinical Neuroscience News and three additional case studies can be found on our companion website,

For more information, or to discuss a patient referral, call us at (516) 562-3822 or email us at

Raj K. Narayan, MD, FACS
Chair, Department of Neurosurgery
North Shore University Hospital
and Long Island Jewish Medical Center

Director, Cushing Neuroscience Institute

Chair and Professor, Neurosurgery
Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine


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