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Can a traumatic head injury change a person’s behavior? (

Source: Daily News Health
By Lindsay Goldwert, New York Daily News

Dr. Raj K. Narayan, chair, neurosurgery, North Shore University Hospital and Long Island Jewish Medical Center and director of the Cushing Neuroscience Institute, comments on what part, if any, a traumatic head injury played in the Afghanistan massacre.

Pentagon officials have confirmed that an Army sergeant who reportedly confessed to killing 16 civilians in Afghanistan had suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2010.

While we are still learning about the nature and severity of the 38-year-old staff sergeant’s condition, experts warn people to be careful before jumping to the conclusion that a head injury can cause a person to turn violent.

“It is absolutely not the case for most traumatic head injury cases,” said Raj K. Narayan, professor and chairman of neurosurgery at North Shore Hospital-LIJ and director of the Cushing Institutes for Neuroscience. “In fact, it’s usually the opposite.”

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