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Putting a Stop to Seizures with Epilepsy Surgery

Epilepsy is a condition where unprovoked seizures occur over and over again. Antiepileptic medications are the first line of therapy in the treatment of unprovoked seizures. However, up to one third of patients with epilepsy fail to obtain relief from medications alone. Uncontrolled seizures have consequences ranging from the inability to drive a car to an increased risk of sudden death. Surgery can help by reducing and even eliminating recurrent seizures. Surgical treatments include removal of the seizure-producing brain areas, as well as brain and nerve stimulation. Evaluation at a comprehensive epilepsy center can help a patient choose which option is best for their type of epilepsy.  

At the Cushing Neuroscience Institute’s (CNI) Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center, patients benefit from a multi-disciplinary team of experts including neurologists, neurosurgeons and neuropsychologists. In addition, CNI’s state-of-the-art Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is capable of performing video EEG monitoring on an inpatient basis. Video EEG is a painless exam that involves placing electrodes on the head and continuously recording patient’s brain activity. Patient behavior during the monitoring process is also recorded on video. The goal of performing this type of testing is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for continued video EEG monitoring for patients who are undergoing a workup for epilepsy or seizures.

Ashesh Mehta, MD, PhD, Director of Epilepsy Surgery at the North Shore-LIJ Health System, explains, “Uncontrolled epilepsy can result from a variety of conditions ranging from abnormal brain development to scarring produced by brain tumors and abnormal blood vessels. By working closely with neurologists who specialize in treating epilepsy to pinpoint the seizure-producing areas, it is possible to selectively disable them and preserve normal brain areas. Latest treatments include laser ablation, neurostimulation and minimally-invasive brain surgery. Using these state of the art treatments, 80-90% of patients have experienced significant reduction in seizure rates after surgery and 50-75% of them are seizure-free at the four-year follow up.”

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