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When Drugs Fail, Surgery May Get Epilepsy Under Control (HealthDay)

Source: HealthDay
By Serena Gordon, HealthDay Reporter

Dr. Ashesh Mehta  Director of Epilepsy Surgery at Cushing Neuroscience Insititute, part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, comments on the benefits of epilepsy surgery in controlling seizures.

Uncontrollable temporal lobe epilepsy affected almost every major aspect of John Keener's life.

Despite trying medication after medication, Keener had to give up driving after he had a serious accident while having a seizure. Because he couldn't drive, he had to drop out of college. Dating seemed an insurmountable challenge because Keener never knew when he might have a seizure.

But in 2006 his "life completely changed" when he underwent surgery for his epilepsy.

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