Patients & Visitors

Patients and Visitors

Emergency Medicine Department Patients and Visitors

North Shore-LIJ's Emergency Medicine Department provides the highest quality care to patients and visitors.

Quality Care for ER Patients, Visitors
At North Shore-LIJ, our primary objective is to deliver the highest quality of care to patients, especially in emergency situations. We also recognize and value our interaction with relatives and friends who accompany our patients or come to visit and give support in times of need.
Our skilled, compassionate medical professionals are always ready to assist those who enter the doors of our emergency rooms. From the less serious situations to the life-threatening -- our staff is available to provide not only medical care, but emotional support to our patients and their loved ones.
North Shore-LIJ’s Department of Emergency Medicine is also committed to the community by providing resources that can be utilized when patients are not physically in our facilities. We offer multiple avenues of communication before and after medical visits and have staff readily available to answer questions. 

Our scope of additional services includes:

  • 24/7 ambulance service
  • Reporting  issues or concerns
  • Giving commendation or donations
  • Billing issues
  • Emergency contact information
  • Website description and directions to our facilities

For more information, please call one of the numbers in Contact Us.