Volunteer Research Internship

The Volunteer Research Internship program in Emergency Medicine provides opportunities for undergraduate pre-medical students who are seeking both research experience and clinical exposure. Interns have a unique opportunity to observe not only physicians, but also a busy emergency department. In the past, the Volunteer Research Interns have been chosen from highly-skilled high school students, post-baccalaureate students and even post-medical graduates seeking to expand their knowledge of the clinical research process.

Tasks: Volunteer Research Internship Program in Emergency Medicine
A research intern’s responsibilities include completing literature searches, patient screening tasks, data management duties, as well as some basic scholarly writing. Interns usually spend their time conversing with physicians, residents, nurses and other healthcare providers in order to truly understand the many tiers in the healthcare process. Furthermore, the interns are able to aid patients in a non-clinical manner.

Education Days for Volunteer Research Interns
During Education days, members of the Emergency Department faculty come and give talks on various issues related to healthcare and medical school. Other perks include opportunities to participate in physician-led tours of departments and other informational workshops. Previous research interns have had overwhelmingly positive feedback both on their time spent at the internship and on activities such as Education Day. 

Past Education Days have featured:

  • Physician-led tours of the ICU
  • Pilot medical school lecture on bones with Gino Farina, MD
  • Discussion with current North Shore-LIJ resident, Adam Litroff, DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) about medical school, MD and DO programs, and residency
  • Simulation workshops with Michael Cassara, DO
  • “Jazzy Cases” lecture on chest pain with Zhanna Roit, MD

Program Schedule
The Department of Emergency Medicine's Volunteer Research Internship Program can be separated into two sections:

  • During the academic year, our program focuses on studies which do not require consecutive sampling, such as retrospective chart review.
  • During the spring semester, we prepare for the Summer Volunteer Research Internship Program. A more expansive program, the summer program usually involves about 40 interns providing 24/7 coverage for appropriate research studies in the Emergency Department.
  • During the summer, interns have the opportunity to observe the Emergency Department for an extended period of time.

Current and Past Projects and Research
Recent research projects conducted by the Volunteer Research Internship Program at the Department of Emergency Medicine have included:

  • Summer 2011: Assessing the Role of Primary Care Access in Emergency Department Revisits (PI: Joshua Moskovitz, MD)
  • Summer 2011 and Fall 2011: The Political Advocacy Study (PI: David Lee, MD)
  • Fall 2011: Does a Patient Advocate during the Discharge Process Improve Patient Safety and Satisfaction in the Emergency Department? (PI: Jason D’Amore, MD)
  • Fall 2011: Is Smoking Cessation Intervention in the Emergency Department Effective Among Parents of Children with Respiratory Complaints? (PI: Isabel Barata, MD)

Application Requirements and Qualifications
There are no educational requirements or pre-requisites for acceptance into the Volunteer Research Internship Program in Emergency Medicine. Application materials must include an up-to-date resume, cover letter and unofficial transcript.