Largest Study Shows No Link Between Cell Phones and Brain Tumors

Michael Schulder, MD

According to a recent study published in the British Medical Journal, there is no link between long-term use of mobile phones and brain tumors or tumors of the central nervous system.  One of the largest and longest studies of its kind, Danish researchers found no evidence that the risk of brain tumors was raised among approximately 360,000 cell phone subscribers over an 18-year period.

While this study may put us more at ease, there are still measures one can take to reduce any risk there might be by either not talking for long periods with the cell phone to the ear or by using an earpiece or speaker.  By using these methods, any risk of brain tumor formation from cell phone use can be essentially eliminated.

In reality, the biggest danger from cell phones may not be from brain cancer, but rather from using cell phones while driving.  The risks incurred with cell phone use while driving, whether it is texting, looking at emails, or even holding a phone to one’s ear, are much higher than any theoretical risk of getting a brain tumor.  Common sense and medical studies show this to be the case.



Michael Schulder, MD,

Vice-Chairman of Neurosurgery, North Shore University Hospital

Director, Brain Tumor Institute

Professor of Neurosurgery, Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine

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