Regular Exercise May Help Guard Against Migraine

Robert Duarte, MD

Exercise can prevent migraines just as well as drugs or relaxation techniques, according to a new study recently published online by the journal Cephalalgia. In the study, 91 migraine patients were evaluated over the course of three months. One third of the patients were asked to exercise for 40 minutes three times each week. Another third of the participants performed relaxation techniques and the final third were prescribed a migraine drug called topiramate. Researchers found that the patients in all three groups experienced fewer migraines and found that exercise was just as effective in preventing migraines as the medication and relaxation techniques.

The study shows the importance of an exercise program. As we know, exercise is another form of relaxation and is known to cause a release in endorphins, which are the body’s own pain-reducing substances. Migraine patients should be strongly advised to introduce an exercise program as part of their migraine prevention program. Additionally, migraine patients should make sure to see a primary medical doctor before starting an exercise routine.


Robert Duarte, MD,

Pain Institute,
Assistant Professor of Neurology,
Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine

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