In the News: March Week 1

Terry Lynam

The expertise of our cardiac specialists has been making a lot of news in recent weeks, particularly those specializing in heart valve replacements. As you’ll see in the featured stories below, a Queens woman was the first patient in New York — and only the second in the nation — to have a mitral valve replaced using a catheter. This minimally invasive procedure was performed by a team headed by Lenox Hill Hospital’s Dr. Carlos Ruiz and Dr. Gregory Fontana. Similarly, LIJ Medical Center’s cardiac team, led by Dr. Jacob Scheinerman, was the first in Queens and Long Island to implant the first FDA-approved, nonsurgical heart valve device to treat severe aortic stenosis.

There was also heart drama recently at Southside Hospital, where a team led by Dr. Robert Kalimi saved a mother of two who sustained an aortic transection – a tear in the heart – during a hit-and-run car crash.

Also, check out how North Shore-LIJ’s Bioskills Education Center is training members of the Air National Guard to care for their injured comrades during combat.


Terry Lynam,

Vice President, Public Relations

North Shore-LIJ Health System

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