In the News: Steve Jobs, St. Vincent's and Women's Heart Health

Terry Lynam

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A proposal to build a free-standing Emergency Department on the campus of the former St. Vincent's Hospital in Greenwich Village was approved Thursday morning by a key state planning committee. The application, from North Shore-LIJ Health System's Lenox Hill Hospital, must now be approved by the state health commissioner. The Department of Health has already signaled it favors the plan.

In news that has touched the world, Steve Jobs passed away at 56. The Monter Cancer Center's Dr. Craig Devoe says the neuroendocrine tumor that killed Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs is a rare type of pancreatic cancer that spreads far more slowly than the traditional, aggressive kind that doomed Patrick Swayze, but ultimately becomes resistant to treatment.

Rounding out our coverage, North Shore-LIJ cardiologists Regina Druz, MD, and Jennifer Mieres, MD, discuss the benefits of the EKG treadmill stress test for diagnosing women’s heart disease


Terry Lynam,

Vice President, Public Relations

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