Was Lady Gaga Born This Way?

Andrew Goodwillie, MD

Lady Gaga’s hip injury has caused the pop star to cancel the rest of her Born This Way Ball Tour, rendering her starstruck fans speechless. It appears Lady Gaga has struggled with the the labrum of her right hip for “months” and she cites “strenuous repetitive movements” as the likely cause of the injury, according to CNN. Ultimately, the singer will undergo surgery to repair the torn tissue in her hip and take some time to recover.

The labrum is a stabilizing structure in the hip that also provides flexibility and motion. An injury to the labrum can cause vague symptoms of groin pain or intermittent mechanical symptoms like catching or clicking, which make diagnosis particularly tough. If the initial treatment of rest, anti-inflammatory medicine and physical therapy do not help, a corticosteroid injection to the hip can be both diagnostic and therapeutic. If an injection fails to provide relief, recent advancements in the understanding of the injury process allow successful repair or removal torn tissue with arthroscopic surgery.

Labral tears can also be associated with such chronic conditions as degenerative arthritis, femoral-acetabular impingement and hip dysplasia. In fact, researchers suggest that up to 90 percent of patients with symptomatic hip dysplasia may have associated labral damage. So it’s possible that Lady Gaga was just born this way.


Andrew Goodwillie, MD,

Orthopedic Surgeon

LIJ Medical Center

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