The High Cost of Smoking

Pat Folan, RN

The New York State Department of Health has launched an anti-smoking TV campaign that illustrates the hefty price New York’s smokers pay for their addiction.

Smoking takes away the ability to pursue the athletic activities and costs an exorbitant amount of money -- both for cigarettes and ensuing healthcare needs. And it’s a product that will most likely cost your life. 

Although cigarette smoking alone increases your risk of coronary heart disease, it greatly increases risk to your entire cardiovascular system. Almost immediately after quitting smoking, the lungs and other smoke-damaged organs start to repair themselves.

Quitting tobacco is the number one thing a smoker can do for his or her health.

Quitting is hard, but with help from North Shore-LIJ’s Center for Tobacco Control and your doctor, you can succeed. For free help, call 516-466-1980.


Pat Folan, RN,


North Shore-LIJ Tobacco Control Center


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