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HIV patients frequently drop off liver transplant wait list

January 28, 2011
People with liver cancer who are also infected with the HIV virus are more likely to drop off a waiting list for a liver transplant, although their survival and non-recurrence of cancer after a transplant is the same as other patients, according to a French study.

Published in the February issue of the journal Hepatology, the study found that the drop-out factor was linked to HIV patients' alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) levels, which are often much higher than people who eventually receive a liver transplant. Significant increases of the AFP level in a patient waiting for a liver transplant is a major risk factor for liver cancer recurrence after the transplant occurs.

"Liver transplantation is the optimum treatment for [liver cancer] and can also be considered for controlled HIV-positive patients with liver cancer," said Dr. Rene Adam of Hospital Paul Brousse. "Our study showed that HIV infection impaired the results of liver transplantation on an intent-to-treat basis but exerted no significant impact on overall survival and recurrence-free survival following transplantation."

Within the North Shore-LIJ Health System, a clinical trial is targeting HCC tumors with a combination of radio frequency thermal ablation (RFA), the standard therapy for inoperable patients with liver cancer, and an experimental drug, ThermoDox.
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