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Location of excess fat may predict stiff arteries in women

May 5, 2011
A research team at Emory University in Atlanta found that fat distribution, which differs in black and white women, may be a predictor of stiff arteries that are related to heart disease.

The study, presented recently before the American Heart Association's Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology meeting, involved more than 300 black and white women. They were measured at different body sites and examined for arterial stiffness, which occurs with a buildup of plaque in arteries and forces the heart to work harder to maintain blood flow.

Researchers measured fat on the women's upper chest, armpits, triceps, below the shoulder blade, abdomen, thigh and above the hip bone. They concluded that black women were more likely to have stiff arteries when they had excess fat in the armpit area and white women had a greater risk for the condition when they had additional fat in the abdominal and triceps areas of the body.

In one of the clinical trials focused on heart health within the North Shore-LIJ Health System, researchers are evaluating proteins present in the blood during a heart attack where blood flow is diminished.
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