Health Discoveries in Mesothelioma

New clinical trials test drugs to treat lung diseases

October 25, 2010
The Ballarat Cancer Research Center in Australia has announced a series of research projects planned to develop new treatments for lung cancer and mesothelioma.

The center's research will focus on technical chemotherapy, which administers medication targeting cancerous tumors without affecting healthy organs. The clinical trials, under the supervision of Ballarat oncologist and research director Dr. George Kannourakis, will be the first undertaken by the center's team following several years of initial research. The clinical trials are expected to take three years and will test several medications.

The center, located at St. John of God Hospital in Victoria, Australia, is partly funded through the Australian Research Institute, which supports a range of medical research projects annually. The cancer center will continue fundraising for an additional $1.5 million to complete the clinical trials.

Within the North Shore-LIJ Health System, there are several lung cancer clinical trials under way, including one that is studying whether a combination of certain chemotherapy drugs can slow the growth of tumors in patients recently diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer.

Another trial is trying to determine if adding the drug bevacizumab to chemotherapy decreases the chance of a cancer recurrence for patients who have had surgery to remove lung cancer.
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