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Skin cancer warnings haven't deterred tanning

May 4, 2011
Young women in their teens and early 20's regularly visit tanning salons and frequently tan outdoors in spite of strong warnings that they risk developing skin cancer, according to a survey taken by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Of the 3,800 young women surveyed, about 32 percent continued to visit tanning salons and most of them went to them at least once a week. More than 80 percent continued to tan outdoors as well.

The incidence of melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, has been rising for the past three decades, especially among young white women, the academy reports.

"Our survey underscores the importance of educating young women about the very real risks of tanning, as melanoma is increasing faster in females 15 to 29 years old than in males of the same age group," said academy president Dr. Ronald L. Moy. "In my practice, I have had patients - young women with a history of using tanning beds - who have died from melanoma."

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