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Studies focus on obesity issues

October 29, 2009
A new study has found people who live closer to various food outlets – restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets – are less likely to become obese, according to ScienceDaily.

Researchers at the University of Utah learned that people living more than one-half mile away from food outlets tend to have greater weight problems than those who live in "walkable" neighborhoods, which encourages them to walk rather than drive to get a meal.

Nationally, obesity contributes to 300,000 deaths each year and is the second most preventable cause of death behind smoking.

An obesity-related study under way at North Shore University Hospital, one of the academic medical centers of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, is open to patients who have had bariatric surgery – weight loss surgery, usually by reducing the size of the stomach with gastric banding or removing a portion of the stomach through gastric bypass surgery.

Researchers there are recording long-term results of weight-loss surgery by comparing the type of surgery done and the health of patients five years after their surgery. From their data, they hope to learn what types of patients do best following surgery, which surgeries are most effective, both immediately and five years after surgery.

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