Health Discoveries in Mesothelioma

Test could determine who may get mesothelioma

October 22, 2010
UCLA researchers led by a mesothelioma expert are attempting to pinpoint those who are most likely to develop mesothelioma after they've experienced prolonged asbestos exposure.

In conjunction with the California-based Pacific, Heart, Lung & Blook Institute (PHLBI), UCLA Medical Center scientists working with Dr. Robert Cameron, director of the university's mesothelioma program, are planning to expand breath testing they have done on lung cancer patients to include individuals who may be at risk of developing mesothelioma. Breath testing allows the researchers to analyze volatile hydrocarbons that are exhaled into a tube and collected on a filter.

The breath test project also could have an impact on research into the use of a COX-2 inhibitor (Celebrex) that could prevent this rare form of cancer from developing. COX-2 has been shown to prevent some cancers by blocking inflammation. The research team is working with labor unions to test the inhibitor on workers who have had significant asbestos exposure.

The Cancer Institute within the North Shore-LIJ Health System has a multidisciplinary team of medical specialists who treat mesothelioma, both locally and systemically, with radiation, surgery and chemotherapy.
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