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Farsightedness, Hyperopia

Farsightedness and Hyperopia, Symptoms and Causes

Also known as hyperopia, farsightedness is a common eyesight problem. Farsightedness causes close objects to appear out of focus and forces you to squint to see them more clearly. Farsightedness is easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses. Also, there are surgical techniques for correcting farsightedness that can be used for people who don't want to wear glasses or contact lens.

Farsightedness Symptoms

Farsightedness forces you to squint to see close objects more clearly. The condition can result in eyestrain and burning and aching in and around the eyes. After doing close-up tasks like reading or using a computer, being farsighted can give you a headache or eye strain.

Farsightedness Causes

Farsightedness occurs when an image of a distant object becomes focused behind the retina instead of on the retina. It may be caused by the eyeball being too small or the focusing power being too weak. If you have family members who are farsighted, you are also more prone to farsightedness.