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Forest Hills Patient and Visitor Information

Patient and Visitor Information for Forest Hills Hospital

Important Phone Numbers
Visiting Hours and Policies
Language Services
Patient Access Services
Case Management Services
Surgical Waiting Room
Bloodless Medicine and Surgery
Maternity Guide
Nutrition and Food Services
Pharmacy Department
Billing Information and Assistance
Help in the Hospital and at Home
Free Senior Telephone Helpline (Senior Navigator)
Organ and Tissue Donation
HIPAA Privacy Policy
Health Information Management / Medical Records
Volunteering at Forest Hills Hospital

Please view our interactive guide
before visiting the hospital



Important Phone Numbers

This listing provides you, your family and visitors with the phone numbers of some hospital departments you may need to reach. If you are dialing from within the hospital, and the exchange is 830, you need only dial the last four digits.

Billing Inquiries:
Guest Relations:
Ambulatory Surgery Unit:
Home Care Network:
Service Excellence:
Medical Records:
Social Work:
Surgical Waiting Room:
Parking Garage:
TV Rental/Telephone Service:
Patient Information:

(631) 719-8787
(718) 830-4775
(718) 830-4180
(718) 830-4229
(718) 830-4134
(718) 830-4000 ext. 4104
(866) 651-4200
(718) 830-1932
(718) 925-6640
(718) 830-4140
(718) 830-4521
(718) 830-4134
(718) 997-8350
(718) 830-4891
(718) 830-4000
(718) 830-4210

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Visiting Hours and Policies

Welcome to Forest Hills Hospital. We are glad that you’re here to see one of our patients and want to make your visit as comfortable as possible for both you and the patient. Here are some guidelines that will make your visit helpful to your family member or friend: 

  • Visitors are welcome at any time during the patient’s stay
  • Visitors are also welcome to stay with a family member or friend when they are in the hospital’s Emergency Department, or are here for outpatient services or Ambulatory Surgery
  • Patients can choose who can and cannot visit them while they are in our healthcare facility without regard to legal relationship, race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability
  • Limits on visiting must be reasonable and based on the patient’s medical condition, and will be explained to the patient and to you
  • Reasons for restricting visitors may include, but are not limited to:
    • The patient requests restrictions or limitations
    • There are safety concerns, such as risk of infection
    • Visiting interferes with the care of other patients, including the need for their rest and/or privacy
    • An existing court order that restricts contact
    • Visitors are disruptive, threatening or violent
    • The patient is in a substance abuse/mental health treatment program that requires limited visiting

Visits from Children

  • Children are welcome to visit a family member, but those under the age of 16 should be supervised by a responsible adult during their visit
  • Young children are expected to stay with an adult who is responsible for supervising them to ensure a safe and restful environment for the patient, and any other patient(s) sharing their room
  • Younger children are not excluded by age, but supervising adults are encouraged to keep their visit brief

Thank you for supporting your loved one by visiting Forest Hills Hospital.

Emergency Department

There are no pre-set visiting hours in this area. However, we encourage only two visitors at the bedside, and in the interest of patient safety, visitation may be temporarily modified.

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Language Services

We offer assistance for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients, deaf or hearing-impaired patients, speech- and language-impaired patients, and visually impaired patients. Learn more about our Language and Communication Access Services Program.

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Patient Access Services

The Patient Access Services Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and provides registration services for all inpatient and outpatient services. The department’s primary responsibility is the collection of complete and accurate data, which is utilized by many departments and ensures that the registration process is efficient and comfortable for the patient. The department pre-registers maternity patients, provides financial counseling, cashier services, collects co-payments and assists with Financial Assistance applications.

The department's scope of services includes:

  • Admission of elective, urgent, emergent cases
  • Registration of ambulatory surgery patients
  • Maternity admissions
  • Outpatient registrations
  • Pre-admission surgical testing
  • Ambulatory surgery conversions
  • Bed management
  • Census reconciliation
  • Department of Health Vital Statistics
  • Cashiering services

During the registration process, the registrar will present and review consent forms and all regulatory information. Patients will be given a hospital patient guide with valuable information about the hospital and its services.

The needs of each patient are assessed according to their diagnosis and reason for admission. Registrars work together to promote a positive experience for patients and their families, as well as physicians and other departments within the hospital. The department is responsible for assigning a bed dependent on the needs of the patient.

Registrars in the Patient Access Department are usually one of the first contacts for the patient/family. The department works collaboratively with nursing units, social work, quality management, patient accounts and physicians.

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Case Management

Forest Hills Hospital has integrated utilization management, appeals management and social services under one umbrella to form the Case Management Department. This department consists of social workers, nurse case managers, a physician advisor and support staff that work collaboratively to formulate and facilitate timely, safe and effective discharge plans for our patients. The nurse case managers provide clinical and psychosocial assessments and conduct reviews of all inpatient cases using established guidelines. They provide clinical updates to insurance carriers, and also collaborate with the physicians and staff nurses regarding patient care, assisting them with expediting care and discharge plans.

The social workers work with the patients and their families to address psychosocial issues that may affect the patients' overall health status and collaborate with the case managers and the interdisciplinary team on the discharge plans. They provide information and education on community resources, make referrals when necessary and give counseling and supportive services to patients and families in crisis.

The appeals management team reviews and appeals all third-party payer denials and assists the patients, families and physicians throughout the denial process.

The Case Management staff visits patients at bedside to present them with discharge information. Family members can also visit the office on the 8th floor to request information. Resources that are available include details on discharge options, list of private hire agencies, care centers and nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult homes and home care agencies. There is also information on elder care attorneys, transportation options and applying for Medicaid. The department has videotapes and brochures that make it easier for patients to choose post-discharge providers.

Case Management also interfaces with other departments as a clinical resource. The department works with the Community Outreach Team in facilitating support groups and in building good community and business relationships that provide benefits for our patients.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Saturday
8am – 5pm

Forest Hills Hospital, 8th Floor
Forest Hills, NY 11375
(718) 830-4161/4140

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Parking is available at reasonable, hourly rates in a three-story parking garage located on the 66th Avenue side of the hospital. The parking garage is independently owned and operated by Central Parking Systems, Inc. — (718) 997-8350.

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Surgical Waiting Room

The surgical waiting room is located on the seventh floor. The surgical information service maintains direct contact with the operating room and will inform family members of your progress. Friends and relatives checking on your status can telephone the surgical information volunteer at (718) 830-4134. Relatives wishing to speak with your surgeon should inform the surgical information volunteer.

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Bloodless Medicine and Surgery

The Bloodless Medicine and Surgery Program at Forest Hills Hospital is designed to provide quality healthcare without the use of blood products. All our staff members are very concerned with respecting your right to refuse blood transfusions and blood products.

There are a number of reasons why a patient would choose bloodless medicine and surgery:

  • To avoid the potential for acquiring blood-borne illnesses such as hepatitis, HIV, West Nile virus and other illnesses
  • To avoid untoward effects of blood transfusions such as infection and transfusion reactions that may include kidney failure, anemia and heart failure
  • It has been documented that many patients have shorter hospital stays when they have not received blood, avoiding associated risks
  • In order to follow their religious and moral beliefs with dignity

We encourage you to participate in and direct your health care as you work along with the team that will treat you. Therefore, we will provide education for you about the different methods we use in our bloodless program. In addition, you will be assisted with completing an advanced directive or healthcare proxy, if you have not already done so. Copies will be placed in your chart so all of your caregivers will be aware of your choices.

Our services include:

  • Non-blood alternatives for patients who refuse blood
  • A full-time program director who may be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Patient education
  • Assistance with preparing advance directives, health care proxies and living wills

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Maternity Guide

View our interactive maternity guide before visiting the hospital.

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Nutrition and Food Services

Meal Service
Patient meals are served according to the physician’s diet order. Breakfast is served each day between 7:30am and 9am. Lunch is served between 11:30am and 1pm and dinner is between 4:30pm and 6pm.

Patients on regular and therapeutic diets are offered seven-day cycle, pre-selected menus. The menus reflect the doctor’s prescribed diet and are planned according to the latest nutritional guidelines of the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, National Kidney Foundation and the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. Upon notification, menu alternatives are available to allow for food preference, food allergies and other special dietary needs. Kosher foods (double-wrapped glatt kosher meals) are available to patients who request it. Kosher grape juice and challah rolls are offered for Friday dinner.

Medical Nutrition Therapy
Medical nutrition therapy is provided to patients:

  • To help them understand and follow their prescribed diet.
  • To maintain and/or improve their food intake for early healing and recovery.
  • To make their stay in the hospital as pleasant as possible.

The dietetic technicians and registered dietitians (nutritionists) explain to each patient their prescribed diet and the menu selection process.

The nutritionists collaborate with the patient’s physician and other health team members:

  • To asses their nutritional status and needs.
  • To develop, implement, evaluate and revise a nutrition therapy that is based on their assessed needs, medical condition and response to treatment.

General number: (718) 830-4028

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Pharmacy Department

The Pharmacy Department works in close cooperation with the medical, nursing and all other hospital staff to provide high-quality patient care. Our highly skilled pharmacists have a unique relationship with the resident staff, meeting with them daily on an individual basis to discuss possible enhancements to their patients’ medications.

Our computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system provides drug safety screening by alerting the practitioners when drug allergies, drug interactions, redundancy, drug overdoses, etc., are recognized by the computer software.

When a medication is prescribed, the CPOE provides clearly printed orders that print in the pharmacy and patient care areas instantaneously. This allows medications to reach the patient sooner.

The pharmacy is currently working very closely with the medical staff on many projects to enhance patient drug therapy and patient safety.

Contact: (718) 830-4312

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Billing Information and Assistance

It is very important for you to become familiar with your health insurance plan, since benefits and requirements vary widely. Many insurance carriers now require pre-certification or prior approval of a scheduled hospital stay, including procedures that are considered ambulatory. Many even require that they be contacted by the patient or a family member for approval immediately following an emergency admission. Please contact your insurer regarding your plan's requirements. There may be financial penalties if approvals are required, but not obtained, within a specified time period. If pre-certification is required, you and your physician must obtain the necessary authorization.

Your Bill
We know that billing can be a confusing part of a hospital experience. Here are some keys to understanding your bill.

Financial Assistance Program
Uninsured patients with household incomes under 50% of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible for reduced fees. All medically necessary services are covered under the reduced-fee program for patients within the hospital service area. Please visit our Patient Financial Assistance Programs section or call (888) 214-4065 for more information.

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Help in the Hospital and at Home

Home Care
The North Shore-LIJ Home Care Network is one of the largest home care agencies in New York State. Whether you need a nurse, therapist, other medical professionals or just a little help with personal care, we can provide you with the highest quality, specialized care in the comfort of your home or in the hospital. Our services are available throughout New York City and Long Island. Call (866) 651-4200 to learn more about our range of services.

Private Duty Services
Our hospital is committed to providing you with the medical attention and nursing care you need to ensure a rapid and safe recovery. However, for your added comfort and convenience, you may elect to supplement the staff with your own private duty care.

Registered Nurses and Certified Nurse Assistants from North Shore-LIJ Staffing Services can provide one-on-one professional care dedicated exclusively to your recovery. You can get assistance with personal hygiene, feeding, mobility, companionship and communication with hospital personnel. Call (866) 831-2206 24 hours a day/7 days a week to learn more about private duty nursing services.

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Free Senior Telephone Helpline (Senior Navigator)

Need help navigating the maze of services available as you or a loved one gets older? The Senior Navigator program is a free information, referral and assistance center designed to help seniors and their families find and access services. A team of professional social workers and trained volunteers are here to provide you with support, comfort, information and guidance. Call (888) 243-6272.

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Organ and Tissue Donation

Currently over 90,000 people nationwide (including approximately 8,000 New Yorkers) are registered on the national waiting list for a lifesaving organ. Every 14 minutes, another name is added to the list. Nationwide, approximately 16 people die each day waiting for a life-saving organ. A single donor can save the lives of eight people through organ donation and improve the lives of countless others with tissue donation. When an individual becomes an organ donor, they donate life. Learn more about organ and tissue donation.

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HIPAA Privacy Policy

This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully.

Health Information Management / Medical Records

Click on the following link for information on requesting and releasing confidential medical records from Forest Hills Hospital

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Volunteering at Forest Hills Hospital

Whether it's bringing some cheer to a lonely patient or delivering flowers from loved ones, our volunteers have a great and lasting impact on our patients. Our volunteers range in age from 16 to seniors but they all share a generosity of spirit and a dedication to giving. Volunteering is also an opportunity to join one of the top healthcare providers in the region.

We hope that you will join us, add another dimension to your life, and reap the rewards of satisfaction and pride through volunteering. By giving a minimum of six hours of your time per week, you can make a difference!

Below are all the forms you will need to get started. We welcome you to join Forest Hills Hospital's family of volunteers by calling (718) 925-6603.

Application for Volunteer Service

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