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North Shore University Hospital and the Revolutionary 640 CT Scanner

Revolutionary 640 Slice CT Scanner Offers Most Advanced Cardiac Imaging

Thanks to the philanthropic support of our donors, North Shore University Hospital recently installed a revolutionary 640-slice CT scanner – the first of its kind in the northeast. The new scanner helps diagnose heart disease and a patient’s risk for heart attack in less than one heart beat – resulting in ultrafast scan times and superior three-dimensional images of the heart. A major advantage of the noninvasive 640-slice CT is that it can be used in the emergency room to rule out heart attacks and other problems in low- to moderate-risk patients with chest pain, often avoiding the need for patients to be admitted to the hospital. In addition to diagnosing heart disease, the scanner is also used to identify stroke, bone disorders and other conditions, allowing clinicians to quickly and effectively make a diagnosis and select the best course of treatment.